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  • Warm congratulations on the successful participation of the company in the 2019 Shanghai international water fair.
          Yangzhou Sanyang Technology Co., Ltd., as a new technology enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of RO reverse osmosis membrane filter, participated in this exhibition. The exhibition showed the company's reverse osmosis industrial membrane components, reverse osmosis household membrane components, reverse osmosis large flux membrane components, Korean quick-connect filter cartridges and other products. In the three-day exhibition, Sanyang Technology's booth attracted the sea. The great attention of domestic and foreign merchants, including the industrial low-pressure LP reverse osmosis industrial membrane components exhibited, has become a highlight of this exhibition.
          The products of Yangzhou Sanyang Technology Co., Ltd. are favored by many new and old customers. Many merchants who participated in the exhibition expressed great interest in the products of Sanyang Technology. Many customers have conducted detailed consultation on the spot and hope to pass This opportunity for in-depth cooperation. At the same time, the exhibition reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, and also had friendly exchanges with the peers, made many new friends, learned the latest market of the water treatment industry, and opened up an international perspective, which is against Yangzhou Sanyang. The future development of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will surely bring new opportunities.
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