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  • Why is there a bubble in the water from the RO membrane water purifier?
    Some users who use water purifiers may find that the water from the water purifier has white powder, so they worry that the water purifier will not only be harmful but also harmful to health. What is the truth?
    It turns out that the white foam after the water purifier is installed is like this:
    1 Reason one:
    In order to ensure the water permeability of the filter membrane, the surface of the filter membrane must exhibit hydrophilic properties, but the general membrane matrix is hydrophobic, so a hydrophilic modifier is required for modification.
    The general hydrophilic agent (protective solution) has certain amphiphilic properties, and the amphiphilic properties are favorable for the constant success and stability of the foam. That is to say, the existence of foam must reflect the fact that there is a trace amount or even a measure of hydrophilic agent in your filtrate, and the medical grade and food grade hydrophilic agent (protective solution) do not need to be considered for human harm. So don't worry.
    2 Reason 2:
    In the process of tap water remotely transporting tap water through the water pipe network, under the action of pressure, the solubility of the gas existing in the pipe network and the gas in the atmosphere increases, and is largely dissolved in tap water; and the tap water enters pure The water equipment must also be pressurized by the water pump to increase the power. While the water pump pressurizes the water body, it increases the pressure on the dissolved gas in the water body, making the gas molecules smaller and the solubility further increased. This is a normal pure physical phenomenon, so it does not affect the drinking of pure water.
    3 Reason three:
    A similar phenomenon is the "white phenomenon" of tap water. Mainly due to the inhalation of a certain amount of air during the pump pumping process and the local water pipe repair process, the air is dissolved in the water under the action of pressure to form very fine bubbles. When the water pipe delivers water, the water pressure and flow rate change greatly. The tap water that causes the water to flow from the faucet entrains a lot of tiny bubbles, and the surface looks like milky white. After a few seconds of standing, the bubbles disappear naturally and the water becomes clear. This is a physical phenomenon that does not affect water quality.
    Generally, the protective liquid inside the water purifier filter is installed and rinsed for a few minutes to ten minutes. You can drink it normally. Don't worry that the water in the water purifier is not clean, because the material used in the water purifier is not the same for the human body. Harmful.
     Therefore, the water coming out of the water purifier has white foam. The occurrence of these physical phenomena is normal and will not affect the water quality itself. The water purifier can be safely used after being installed by professional installers.
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